By: paulmthomas

May 30 2008

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Category: Holiday, Landscapes, Photography, Sea


Focal Length:5.8mm

I’ve just booked flights to go to Italy in mid-July. We’ll be flying into Genoa, but have no idea where to stay yet. Hopefully somewhere in the Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coastline. But anywhere where we can sit and enjoy scenes like this with a glass of Prosecco or chianti, and some locally grown food. Fab! This picture is from a choir tour to the region in 2006, just before our concert in the Church in Vernazza.


3 comments on “Italy”

  1. this picture is remarkably soothing. i love it, Paul, please keep it up!!!

  2. hello, nice post!..
    just want to invite you and the readers at the Cinque Terre Blog

  3. Hi, We too love Italy, but Cinque Terra is a place we still have to visit.
    We used to live in the UK, but came to Italy several times on holiday.
    We liked it so much we decided to sell up and move to Italy permanently.
    We now live in Itri in South Lazio and love it!!!
    If you’ve got time … Check out our Blogs :

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